The Project

  • Project Mage is a quest for seamless structural editing, a decent GUI toolkit, and, overall, an environment where interactivity, flexibility and power are valued very highly. A few applications are on the roadmap, notably the ones providing for note-taking, computational notebook capabilities, project-info tracking, decentralized version control, and an IDE for Common Lisp.
  • LGPL3.0+ and free-of-charge.

The Author

  • IRL Alias: Dmitrii Korobeinikov
  • Citizenship: Kyrgyzstan kyrgyzstan.gif
  • Location: Kyrgyzstan kyrgyzstan.gif
  • Was born in: Kyrgyzstan kyrgyzstan.gif kyrgyzstan.gif kyrgyzstan.gif
  • Github: some-mthfka
  • Social Media: None
  • Interests: writing autobiographies
  • KG! kyrgyzstan.gif

This Website & Assets

  • Articles are written in Org-mode and exported to HTML, with custom CSS.
  • Hosting: Neocities.
  • Font used for logo: Waters Gothic (licensed as Freeware). It blew everything else out of the water when I saw it.
  • The handshake GIF: taken from GifCities.
  • The Patreon GIF:
    • The desert image is from Fallout 2.
    • The dinosaur and the Fat Dude is from Jurassic Park.
  • All the imagery in the header, other than the Lisp alien, was generated with NightCafe. So was the Kraken attacking a ship.
...proudly created, delivered and presented to you by: some-mthfka. Mthfka!